I know that people might think that municipal bonds sound boring, but my career in the municipal space has been anything but plain vanilla. I worked in trading and underwriting housing and healthcare bonds, land-based financing and taxable bonds, which are some of the more esoteric sectors of the field, and later moved to senior living. I think that my varied experience was one reason Lument was interested in having me lead their municipal bond group. I was excited by the opportunity to grow that niche.

I’m impressed by how entrepreneurial Lument is. I have one hundred percent support from my boss to explore the bond market, be nimble, and come up with ideas and solutions to help our originators. I’d definitely say there’s both the support to succeed as well as encouragement to explore.

The bond space is very nuanced with a lot of variations and constant changes. Credits in senior living, hospital, and multifamily housing are more challenging to group together as each credit trades on its own merit. With the variations, we have to take a long-term credit view. It’s a pretty creative challenge, and it means that I’m constantly learning at work, which is really satisfying.

I also get a lot of personal support at Lument. My wife and I have a son with autism. My boss, my colleagues at the desk, and just about everybody has been extremely helpful and supportive. They are genuinely interested in learning about what’s going on.

It’s also important to me that Lument’s health benefits are very inclusive. Lument knows that while coverage for autism may affect only a small percentage of employees, it can have a massive impact on a family like ours. The breadth of its benefits package says a lot about the company. It really takes so much of the stress out of caring for a child with a disability.

I’m also proud of the effort Lument is making to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion — and that effort embraces people with disabilities and their families. The initiative has provided a platform for my wife and me to share our story.

Autism Awareness Month Q&A Profile