I had always been interested in real estate.  When I was young, I was fascinated by looking at houses and house plans. When I got to college, I thought there would be an opportunity to make a difference on the financial side of the industry. I joined one of Lument’s predecessor companies in 2010, and I am proud that, thanks to the billions of dollars in loans I’ve helped close during my 12 years here, we’ve made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to benefit from affordable housing.

My job can be challenging. On any given day, I work on multiple loans that are at different stages in the underwriting process. You have to be really organized, always thinking ahead to what needs to be done next and prioritizing tasks so that we stay on time, meet deadlines, and deliver for our customers.

At the same time, I’ve met many wonderful people here over the years, especially my fellow employees in Affordable. Everyone is always willing to lend a hand or provide knowledge and guidance when needed. I’ve trained a lot of new hires over the years, and they always say our group is so great to work with.

I have also enjoyed being part of the company-wide effort to upgrade and integrate our technology. I am in a number of Lument technology groups, where I am able to provide value because I have direct contact with the customers. I really appreciate getting to speak for people in the trenches, and it’s important to me that Lument listens and tries to implement technology that can help us do our jobs better.

When I first started out, we had just stopped delivering loan files in boxes, but we still did a lot of paperwork. Technology definitely makes life easier internally by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. And it matters to our customers. Because of our technology, we are able to process loans faster and more seamlessly. For instance, I don’t think any of our competitors come close when it comes to our external due diligence collection site.

My team is spread out across the country—and while I work remotely, I don’t feel in the least disconnected. I’ve known many of my colleagues for years, and our strong culture at Lument unites us.