2023 Seniors Housing and Healthcare Market Outlook

We look at recent data to reflect on the past year and reset...

2023 Seniors Housing Outlook Survey: Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Prosperity

Read survey respondents views on occupancy, staffing and more.

Webcast Recording: The Multifamily Market Under a New Economic Paradigm

Watch the replay of our latest In Conversation webcast.

Market Update
Trading Desk Talk

An in-the-moment look at the capital markets and macroeconomic data.

The Impact of Recent Federal Housing Initiatives on the Multifamily Industry

A look at recent federal initiatives to expand supply of and access to...

Financing Multifamily Acquisitions Under Negative Leverage

Investors pursuing acquisition strategies may consider using alternative financing strategies.

Seniors housing is one asset type that can benefit from an ESOP structure.
Employee Stock Ownership Plans: An Attractive Exit Strategy During Challenging Macroeconomic Times

A number of current economic challenges make ESOPs an attractive option.

Debt Financing in an Uncertain Economy: Filling the Gap and Preparing for a More Productive 2023

Panelists discussed themes for 2023 and last minute funding gap solutions.

Market Update
Multifamily Investment Returns Moderate in the Third Quarter

Property price growth in core sectors eased in the third quarter.

Bond Financing in an Unsteady Market: Early Rate Locks, Supplemental Loans, and Other Strategies for Success

Lument's Suzie Cope joined the panel discussion on tax-exempt debt trends.

AHF Live Conference Wrap-Up: Finding Optimism in a Volatile Market

We detail several reasons AHF Live attendees are optimistic about 2023.

The Impact of Hybrid Work on Client Connection

How technology can set the stage for in-person discussions between borrower and lender.

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