The following article originally appeared in Argentum’s 2023 Largest Providers Report.

Historically, progress for female leadership in the seniors housing industry has been unacceptably slow. There is simply a lack of women in leadership positions across the industry, from owner-operators to investors to service providers such as Lument. Hindering progress is the fact that there is a lack of a bench consisting of female mid-level managers, slowing the promotion rate of women to executive ranks. As organizations begin to put more emphasis on hiring women and minorities, from the executive level to college interns, that bench will get more crowded and more and more women will rise to leadership roles.

I am proud to work for an organization like Lument, a firm that is dedicated to making diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts part of the fabric of the company, and one that has allowed me to thrive as a woman in a leadership position. At Lument, we are committed to building a culture that understands, embraces, and promotes the value of different strengths, histories, and perspectives. Across the company, we are passionate about building, growing, and leveraging our diversity and culture to create better results for our employees, clients, partners, and communities.

For those women currently seeking to advance in their careers, I would recommend focusing on three key tactics that can make an enormous impact:

  1. Select strong mentors to assist you on your journey. Having generous mentors that value your strengths and are vocal about your advancement can be extremely beneficial.
  2. Find your own seat at the table. If you see an opportunity, jump on it. If you don’t see any, keep looking.
  3. Advocate for yourself. And remember, never be afraid to ask for what you deserve.

Overall, these actions can help women at all levels of the industry advance and progress in their careers. Likewise, the successful companies of the future will be those that demonstrate a commitment to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace and driving meaningful, positive change.

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