Making The Numbers Work: Financing Tips For The Growing Btr Market -
Making the Numbers Work: Financing Tips for the Growing BTR Market

The build-to-rent (BTR) market is poised to thrive in the coming years.

Threading The Needle: Making The Most Of 2024 -
Threading the Needle: Making the Most of 2024

Experts see rent growth recovering, the bid-ask gap closing, and deal activity increasing.

Planning For Future Opportunities As The Miami Multifamily Market Softens -
Planning for Future Opportunities as the Miami Multifamily Market Softens

Marc Suarez gives his take on Lument's recently released Miami market report.

Robust Job Growth Will Further Fuel Austin Multifamily Market -
Robust Job Growth Will Further Fuel Austin Multifamily Market

Vic Clark double clicks into Lument's recently released Austin market report.

What Rising Amis Mean For Affordable Housing Owners And Investors -
What Rising AMIs Mean for Affordable Housing Owners and Investors

Cliff McDaniel details what rising AMIs may mean for owners and investors.

Ahf Live: Industry Leaders Delve Into Today'S Affordable Housing Needs -
AHF Live: Industry Leaders Delve into Today’s Affordable Housing Needs

Creative solutions to create more affordable housing took center stage.

The Paradox Of Seniors Housing And Healthcare -
The Paradox of Seniors Housing and Healthcare

Key takeaways from Lument's recent webcast on the future of senior living.

Agency Financing Becomes An Increasingly Attractive Solution For Looming Maturities -
Agency Financing Becomes an Increasingly Attractive Solution for Looming Maturities

Why the agencies are a good option for those with upcoming maturities.

Sizing Up The Competition And Making The Right Mhc Value Plays -
Sizing up the Competition and Making the Right MHC Value Plays

With competition on the rise, the right MHC value plays are critical.

Nic Fall Wrap-Up: Contrasting Forces At Play - Nicfall 977X532 11.17.23 1
NIC Fall Wrap-Up: Contrasting Forces at Play

Long-term optimism for the senior living industry outweighs short-term pain.

Rising Bridge Deals And Maturity Opportunities - Mhcfocus Risingbridge 11.13.23 1
Rising Bridge Deals and Maturity Opportunities

A look at available options for MHC investors with short-term debt coming due.

Deep Dive On The Debt Market: Standing In The Rain, Waiting For The Sun -
Deep Dive on the Debt Market: Standing in the Rain, Waiting for the Sun

Lument's Aaron Becker led a lively debt discussion at the NIC conference.