I am a product manager for the predictive analytics at Lument. Essentially, I serve as a bridge between Lument’s software development team and the end users of our products. My nine team members and I focus on maintaining and improving Artemis—the company’s internal application for market data and quick property valuations.

A big part of my job involves meeting with stakeholders—including Lument originators, asset managers, and underwriters, as well as external investors—to better understand how they use our tools. For example, I often interview clients and ask about their investing experiences.

I also do a lot of what we call “acceptance testing.” The goal is to make sure that stakeholders like what we’re building and that we’re putting things in the most intuitive places for them. Basically, there’s a lot of discovery that I do to figure out how we might be able to streamline our technology.

Before joining Lument in 2021, I had no experience in commercial real estate. I did my master’s degree in electrical engineering; after graduating, I worked at several advanced research labs, where I worked on topics like driverless cars, quantum computers, and neural implants. Later, when I decided to pursue software development at the corporate level, I was looking for a company that really prioritizes technology and innovation—and I’ve definitely found that here.

In the business and tech world, artificial intelligence is obviously very hot now. Unfortunately, using cool tools like ChatGPT is harder for our industry; we deal with a lot of proprietary information that we must safeguard and keep private. But we are definitely exploring how generative AI can be applied to save us time and improve our offerings.

Beyond the fun of solving difficult technical problems, I think my favorite part of the job is that people here are easy to talk to, as well as entrepreneurial and experimentative. That culture is visible in the kinds of conversations I have with colleagues. Our originators, for instance, frequently come to me and say, “How about doing this a different way?” Or they’ll say, “What would it take to change that up?”

This spirit of creativity and openness to trying new things makes my job easier, as well as more interesting and impactful. My engineering colleagues at Lument are some of the most capable that I’ve ever worked with—and I’ve worked with some really smart people in industry and academia. Overall, it’s a fantastic team to be a part of, both on a personal and professional level.