The pandemic hit me hard. I had a 30-year career in event planning and was working for a hotel when the pandemic broke out. We were sent home on March 20, 2020 and by August, we were released. I have always thrived on taking on new challenges. Although finding a new career was not one I expected, I took it on.

That’s why I was happy when a recruiter from Lument approached me soon afterwards. She had read my LinkedIn profile and thought my skills and experience would be a great fit for an opening in Seniors Housing and Healthcare. As an event planner, I was always researching new experiences for attendees, and I had to be meticulous about details. These two important skills were also required of a business development coordinator. I started in November. I liked the job and appreciated my three colleagues who helped me get up to speed.

But when I learned I had breast cancer in February 2020, I thought, no matter what happened, I would certainly lose my new job. I don’t remember much about that afternoon I sat down with my oncologist — and the next week was like trying to drink out of a fire hose of information. I did know my conversation with my manager, Aaron Becker, would be life-changing, so I made sure I could present the situation to him clearly. I laid out the facts, let him know about the decisions my family and I had made, and how they might potentially impact my role — and waited for his response.

He and Lument could have taken the easy way out and cut their ties with me. But that’s not what happened. Instead, they demonstrated unconditional support, loyalty, and commitment. Aaron was wonderful. He made it clear from the start that I wasn’t going to lose my job.

I went through four surgeries, and Aaron and my colleagues not only filled in for me but were constantly texting, calling, sending food and flowers. And HR was uniformly supportive. It was such a relief know that my job was secure — and that when I recovered, I would have a future with Lument.

I am blessed beyond measure to work with some amazing and talented individuals — and indebted to Aaron, my colleagues, and my organization for renewing my faith and hope when I thought all was lost. Today, I am cancer-free and very much looking forward to 2022 and celebrating my first anniversary as a cancer survivor with those people who loved and supported me.

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Lument