I oversee several groups that make up Lument’s loan servicing operations: new loan boarding, audit system maintenance, surveillance, UCCs, escrow analysis, and quality assurance. These groups touch every loan within the portfolio and ultimately play a part in maintaining loan compliance and monitoring throughout the life of the loan.

Servicing is an essential part of Lument’s business operations, playing a dual role in both meeting our clients’ expectations and protecting the company from risk. We must balance the responsibilities of ensuring our clients are able to meet their loan obligations and providing great customer service to encourage them to borrow from us again. 

Lument’s culture is probably the number one reason why I’m here. Every day is collaborative, with the opportunity to impact the company and drive change. I am on one of the best management teams in my career. Despite joining the team at the start of the pandemic, everyone has been welcoming, respectful, and truly cares about one another.

In addition to the culture, another thing I love about working at Lument is that real estate is tangible. You can see it, touch it, feel it. The property tells a story, and as you continue to monitor that collateral, it demonstrates its ability to support the loan and maintain value. And after a decade working in Asset Management, I was pleased to join the company and focus on various aspects of servicing to broaden my perspective of real estate finance.

Before I began at Lument, I took advantage of a wonderful opportunity: working in Ireland. I was very excited to travel across the world and live in a completely different culture. The purpose was to provide education, training, and a new management program for folks with little or no experience in U.S. real estate. We were given the opportunity to see new places and create new lifelong friendships. I believe my time in Ireland, the responsibilities I had, and the skills I gained helped prepare me for my current role at Lument.

Outside of work, I am a sports junkie. Some of my favorites are college football, NFL, and golf. We live and breathe sports in my household, either watching it on TV, enjoying our son’s youth games, or traveling to experience the events in person. We love the competitive atmosphere, exploring the cities and stadiums, and experiencing the local traditions for those teams.