Lument has been applying the funds typically used for in-office refreshments and snacks and directing them to food banks in communities around the country where we have a presence. At the same time, we are encouraging employees to get involved and to donate to a food bank of their choice.

Emily Peterson, creative director in Marketing and Communications, is actively involved with one of our partnering food banks, Monday Night Hospitality, and is sharing her story in hopes that it will encourage others to become involved with their local communities.

“I started volunteering at Monday Night Hospitality in 2019 when a friend reached out to me when her team was short-handed. Ever since then, I’ve just kept going back. Pre-pandemic, I was part of the greeting staff who were there to welcome guests with a warm smile and a cold beverage while they waited to be seated. As the years passed, it has been amazing to experience how each week the “hellos” start to feel more familiar. You learn people’s stories and ask about their families. It completely transformed my life in ways I could have never imagined. I’ve met the most incredible community of people, who have become friends and stayed steadfast and positive during the height of the pandemic. During COVID we replaced indoor dining with meals-to-go, serving 350 meals each week. I’m so happy to be working with guests again, giving back to the community around me, and supporting those who have never stopped giving. For me, volunteering provides a solid sense of accomplishment, pride, and community.”

We encourage you to continue giving and to continue serving our communities.