I’m an associate director on the conventional production team, reporting to Andy Warnock, one of our originators. I’ve been his dedicated analyst since 2014, focusing primarily on market-rate multifamily housing. I do anything he needs to bring in loans for Lument. From preparing the preliminary analysis through engaging the loans, I help to quarterback that process (alongside Gerry Wallace and Hunter Holton). The lion’s share of the work is upfront, in securing the loan. Once that happens, it shifts over to our underwriting team, then through the closing process and afterward. Throughout the process, I act as a liaison between the client and Lument’s team to resolve any issues that arise.

The most satisfying element is when we can use thoughtful analysis to provide clients with outside-the-box solutions. Obviously, there are guidelines and requirements for originating loans through government-sponsored programs we work with, like FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. That said, we still find creative ways to arrive at the best solution for the client while adhering to the necessary parameters.

I’ve been at Lument nearly 20 years, and one of my proudest accomplishments during these two decades has been my transition from one side of the business to the other. I joined RED Capital Group, Lument predecessor, in 2004 as an accountant. In 2013, when ORIX USA moved most of its accounting roles to Dallas, I stayed in Columbus and applied for an analyst position, despite my complete lack of experience on that side of the business. Luckily, I was offered the job–and soon afterward, in 2014, when the company decided to pair some loan originators with dedicated analysts, I began working with Andy. Since the start of this second stage of my career, our team has closed nearly $4 billion in loans–another point of pride for me.

Lument’s corporate culture is very welcoming and ambitious, which I appreciate. As colleagues, we truly care about each other, which is a vital first step towards our success. It’s a great group of people–in general, there’s a consistent emphasis on helping one another to grow. When you’re doing mortgage lending, business can ebb and flow due to outside factors like inflation interest rate fluctuations. But that doesn’t keep us from pushing ourselves to do our best.

Something that many people might not know about me is that in another life, I would have loved to be a professional golfer. I’m also a huge ultimate frisbee fan––I played through college on the club team and have played in the Columbus summer league since 2005. One thing that’s great about it is there’s no age limit––a lot like golf! I have a daughter who’s eight, and my wife has started to ask me if I think I’ll be able play until my daughter might want to join the league when she turns 16. Hopefully I can hold out another few years after that until my other daughter, who’s four years younger, can join too. I also look forward to them joining me on the golf course!