David Goodman

Senior Managing Director

David Goodman is a senior managing director and advisor at Lument. He started his career with the company as chairman/CEO and co-founder of RED Mortgage Capital. David has financed affordable, multifamily, and healthcare transactions with FHA and other U.S.-backed debt for almost 45 years. He originates, cultivates, and maintains relationships with nationally prominent multifamily borrowers and mentors the next generation of multifamily lenders. 

David is passionate about giving back to the community, particularly under-privileged children in rural Virginia. He founded Magnolia Management and Moran Manor to bring quality healthcare to residents of Appalachia. He is a fervent supporter of protecting animals and serves on the board of a number of international nonprofits dedicated to animal welfare. He is also the founding volunteer president of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund U.S.

David was an Echols Scholar in college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia.

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