As the need for affordable housing continues to increase, more and more households are turning to Manufactured Housing Communities (MHCs). Over 18 million Americans currently take advantage of the perks that MHCs have to offer, including affordable housing costs and low-density living spaces.

These numbers have only risen during the pandemic. Government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac nearly doubled their MHC executions last year, and the sector’s overall liquidity, cash flow growth, and cap rate compression underscore its potentially favorable climate for acquisitions and refinancing.

For those looking to explore these growing opportunities, it helps to have a financial expert like Lument with a deep knowledge of the lending guidelines associated with MHCs.

To learn more about the expanding MHC sector and its opportunities for investment, download our white paper today.

Whitepaper: Opportunities In The Manufactured Housing Community Sector - Whitepaper Cover 1