This content was created and published by one of Lument’s legacy companies. Hunt Real Estate Capital, Lancaster Pollard, and RED Capital Group are now Lument.

We are certainly living in unprecedented times. While the purpose of this note is to inform you about the steps we are taking to ensure transactions continue to move forward smoothly and monitor market developments, I first would like to express my hope that you and your colleagues are staying safe and healthy.  This is a moment when we all have to look out for each other, our families, and our friends.
Although we did not anticipate this specific emergency, our first-hand experience with Hurricane Sandy underlined for us the necessity of bolstering our telecommuting and mobile capacities.   As a result, we are positioned to continue our operations uninterrupted.

Here are a few measures we have in place to ensure we continue to expeditiously close loans and service your business:

  • All of our employees have been outfitted with workstations at home.
  • Because our underwriting files are in a secure, cloud-based system, our team can access them remotely.
  • Our loan closing teams have expedited the issuance of closing documents to counsel.
  • In the event that recording offices are shut down, we will use e-recording, and we will utilize title companies that will insure regardless of e-recording.
  • With our national team, we can easily access properties for necessary site visits across the country.
  • We are tracking interest rates and spreads over the 10-year treasury and will keep you informed about fluctuations that might impact your transaction.

The next few months will be difficult for us all.  If there is anything that we can do to help, please reach out to us, and we will do the best we can to be of assistance.

As always, we value your trust and partnership—and are committed as ever to being the reliable partner we have always sought to be.

James P. Flynn
CEO | Hunt Real Estate Capital
CEO | Hunt Companies Finance Trust
230 Park Avenue | New York, NY | 10528
(O) 212.521.6339 |
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