In our recent webcast with Lument CEO Jim Flynn, distinguished economist Ken Rosen, and seasoned investor Bill Doogan, this dynamic trio shared insights into the emerging paradigm shift in the multifamily market. Watch the replay to learn:

  • What to expect in our industry as 2023 unfolds.
  • How the present cycle differs from previous ones and strategies to navigate it.
  • How the multifamily market may change and ideas for seizing future opportunities.

Key conclusion: 2023 will be a year of transition. By year’s end, multifamily investors can expect to see the economy stabilize, interest rates turn around, and more deals pencil out. Read more insights from the webcast here.

Webcast Recording: The Multifamily Market Under A New Economic Paradigm - In Conversation Multifamilymarket Insightsimage 1.27.23 3