As a senior associate on the affordable housing underwriting team in Lument’s Dallas office, I’m responsible for underwriting agency debt for the acquisition, refinance, and development of affordable housing assets nationwide. I work with a variety of external stakeholders, third-party consultants, councils, and owners to close each transaction. From a business perspective, we work with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to support Lument’s lending platform, and from a mission perspective, we employ capital to support and preserve affordable housing nationwide for people who truly need it.

I love working in affordable housing, and I feel so lucky to be in this space. There aren’t too many industries where you’re able to generate robust financial results while doing your part to try to change the world for the better–it’s truly enabled me to fulfill my passions on both my business and altruistic sides. My grandmother grew up in affordable housing in the Bronx in New York City. To be directly involved in its preservation and redevelopment in underserved communities–to help make sure kids have a place to lay down their heads at night, like she did–is the best feeling in the world.

One aspect of working at Lument that I especially appreciate as a Hispanic woman is how the company has always provided me and my female colleagues a platform to succeed–I’m very grateful for the outpouring of recognition for strong women here. When you see someone who looks like you being recognized, it really makes you believe that you can succeed too. I started my career with an internship, where I was the only woman on the sales floor. I’m so grateful for the industry’s evolution–especially over the last 10 years–that’s made advancement for women so much more accessible.

Lument’s commitment to supporting women in the workplace also manifests in the partnership committee we launched last year for Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), the industry’s premier women’s networking organization. It’s been a huge success so far–we currently have 15 members, and are planning to add another five this year with the support of Lument and ORIX USA. I joined CREW two years ago, and besides offering a terrific platform for networking, it’s provided me with the greatest sense of self-confidence and strength as I navigate this next phase of my career. I’m excited to see this committee grow, and to be a part of it.

Something that many people might not know about me is that I’ve played golf my entire life. My dad always wanted me to play with him when I was younger, and I was his caddy. I grew up by the beach in California, and since there’s no beach here in Dallas, it’s my way to get outside and be physical and relieve stress. My favorite thing in the world is to go on golf trips.