In my role as a transactions underwriting associate, I underwrite Fannie Mae loan assumptions and transfers of interest on existing loans. For example, when there is a property sale where a new sponsor wants to come into the deal and assume the existing debt, I underwrite the new parties to make sure they’re acceptable.

Before joining Lument in June 2022, I served in the Marine Corps for 16 years—12 as an enlisted Marine and four as an Officer. I spent time in California, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. I also served abroad in Afghanistan and Japan.

Okinawa was my first time out of the country—it was such a cool experience, from the culture to the people, to all the stuff to do there. I can’t speak highly enough of it, particularly since I met my wife there.

While in the Marines, I earned my undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University, where I majored in Japanese language and literature. Later, after the Marines, I went back to Ohio State and got my MBA.

I entered Lument through its Associate Development Program (ADP). I first heard about the ADP in 2021 while interning over the summer with Lument during graduate school. After the internship, I was offered a place in the program.

My experience with the ADP was invaluable: The program offered me the ability to explore different areas of commercial real estate, including the asset management side, where I am now. And I learned was that every deal is truly unique. That novelty continues to keep things fresh and interesting for me.

I can say without hesitation that Lument’s culture is very welcoming. In my nearly two years on the job, I have had nothing but great interactions with everyone I work with. Even now, I frequently ask my coworkers questions and they’re always happy to help me build my expertise. That generosity speaks volumes about life at Lument.

To be sure, within the commercial real estate industry, there is always room for improvement, especially in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In that regard, the industry can learn from the Marines.

That’s partly because the military does a tremendous job of pulling in people from all backgrounds. Recruiters are always coming to your door, calling your phone, and sending you letters. As a result, the military was very much on my radar when I was in high school.

In contrast, when I started learning about commercial real estate, I had no point of reference. To draw more diverse workers, I would encourage Lument and other employers to focus on getting the word out about their industry and its educational requirements.

Speaking of education, I learned to speak Japanese not while in Okinawa as you might think, but while obtaining my undergraduate degree. I literally spoke no Japanese while stationed there!