The hybrid work environment and technology continue to change the face of marketing. That was one of the conclusions of a panel—entitled “Marketing Strategies in the Modern Era”—that Lument’s Jack Alvarez served on at the Western CREF conference. Technology, which was so important to facilitate online interactions during the pandemic, can also set the stage for more meaningful in-person discussions between borrower and lender.

“While technology enabled successful remote work for so many and for so long, in-person meetings—such as seeing clients face to face, getting out there and traveling—are still vital,” Alvarez said. “And some forms of technology can help facilitate that, taking a hybrid approach in both assisting borrowers in getting information and ultimately leading to in-person meetings—like Lument’s new multifamily quote platform, Leap to Loans.”

Leap to Loans provides quotes for properties valued between $1 million and $7.5 million. Brokers and borrowers alike can enter the address of the property they’re inquiring about, provide some additional information, and then receive a quote with market intel in just seconds. And behind every quote is a Lument originator or representative who can answer questions and help with next steps, allowing this cutting-edge technology to bring borrowers closer to their next opportunity.

The platform generated a lot of interest, because as Alvarez put it, “It’s not just a quote generator, it’s not just a comp program, it doesn’t just provide market insights—it does all of these. And after the client answers a few questions, it provides almost immediate results. I believe that finding the connections between technology and in-person meetings—and leveraging both of them together—is going to be the way to come out on top in the future.”

Many facets of real estate technology were discussed during the panel. And while the use of social media and CRM software is here to stay, the idea that technology like Leap to Loans can help lenders and borrowers connect on potential opportunities in seconds is compelling—and is an idea you might just want to explore for yourself.

Alvarez continued, “I encourage everyone to give it a try. You can look up as many properties as you like, and the tool will return the quote and market intel directly to you in real time.”